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"The world promises you comfort, but you were not made for comfort.  You were made for greatness."

Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI


About Us St. Mary Immaculate Church’s Youth Group

Principally, we are a Catholic group but it is open to all.  Our youth group is called ‘Mission: Youth’ and it has two groups suitable for two different age categories and who meet on a fortnightly basis during school term: :
  • SMYG for 9-12 year olds - Fridays, 7.00pm - 8.30pm and
  • Youth Café for 13 year olds plus -Tuesdays.  7.00pm -9.00 pm

Our youth groups provide a good environment where young people can come and socialise every term getting involved in a variety of fun, engaging and educating activities.  They meet more people in the diocese.  Feel part of something rewarding whilst being able to explore their faith and thinking in the modern world.

Our Future Aim is to expand the two groups increasing the numbers of younger people who attend as well as expanding the provision of events.  Please help us to do this and to nourish our spiritually by helping to deepen beliefs and give young people the opportunity to reflect on a variety of themes that are relevant to them today.

Each term’s programme consists of a variety of games, activities and events such as:

• Ball games - Dodgeball and Chinese handball

• Quizzes - Religion and pop culture quiz

• Crafts - Bird box making and flower arranging

• Charity awareness - Water Aid and Fairtrade

• Country themed evenings - Italian and Filipino

• Cookery - Pizzas and puddings

• Youth Mass preparation - banners and bidding prayers

• Drama - bible role play

• Ice skating

• Bowling

• Hike and Chips (walk in local countryside, with fish and chips at the end)

• Very Long Wok (walk in local countryside, with Chinese takeaway at the end)

• Mass on the Mount (diocese event involving climbing Mount Snowdon with Mass at the summit)

• Youth Mass

Planning meetings are held at the start of every term to organise the programme of events where we aim to ensure there is a variety of fun, interesting and educating activities.  Included also is the topic of Catholicism/Christianity where we  discuss and debate our thoughts together. Young people go through changes in their lives and are beginning to discover who they are and through these initiated conversations they find confidence of expression, comfort, support and guidance from the fellow Catholics around them.

In addition, there is a night prayer. This is structured with a passage(s) from the bible, followed by thought provoking statements and questions. Night prayer is a great method of bringing quiet time to the end of each evening and it allows people to reflect before finishing with Our Lord's prayer.

Find out more by contacting one of the Youth Leaders (Dave Prescott, Chris Beaumont, Chrissie Beaumont, Liz Moreton-Smith or Karen Hall)


Coming Soon

If you are 13 years+ please keep a look out for the Alpha course which we hope to launch shortly.  Details will be shown in the newsletter.


Here is a website designed with you in mind.  During the Year of Faith why not take some time to look around it and see how you might be inspired!  Click here to find out more.



Southwark Catholic Youth Service have created weekly videos marking the Year of Faith.  Their website provides interesting videos to look at.  If you are seeking inspiration, encouragement and reflecting on your own faith or life's challenges just click here and take a look around.


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